Bio Brewing

Bio Brewing is one of the core industries of Shunxin. Niu Lanshan Brewery and Ningcheng Laojiao Brewery under Shunxin Group boast of the quality water sources from Chaobai River and Balihan River. Sorghum planted in fertile ground covers thousands of acres. The combination of century-old traditional brewing craft and modern technology has offered the consumers classic liquor whose reputation has stood the test of time.

Shunxin has the largest independent liquor enterprise in Beijing whose liquor production ranks top three in Chinese liquor industry, with Niu Lanshan Erguotou (a kind of liquor in China) taking the largest share in Beijing’s liquor market. The brewage of Niu Lanshan Erguotou, which is famous for its sweet, pure and mellow taste, has been listed as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage. After hundreds of years of development, Niu Lanshan Erguotou has become a representative of Chinese fen-flavor liquor today, while Ningcheng Laojiao, based on its unique culture originating in the north of the Great Wall, is the pioneer of Chinese liquor with lasting fragrance.